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This publishing agreement is between Writers house publishing and the customer

This agreement covers the parties' respective duties of publishing the customer's book

Ownership of Book

The customer holds all right, and interest to the Book, including but not limited to any source files, production files, cover art, interior formatting, or anything else created by Writers House Publishing.

Title and Customer Information

Writers House Publishing may post relevant information about the Customer and the Book on Writers House Publishing website and third-party websites (for example,, distributor’s website) during the term of this agreement. Such information may include the Book’s cover, customer’s name, and photo, description of the Book, and other related information. The customer reserves the right to have Writers House Publishing remove said information from their website.

Termination by Customer

An agreement that involves the publishing process shall continue until either party terminates or until the end of the initial term. Customer may terminate this agreement for any reason by written notice to Writers House Publishing. In the event of termination, Writers House Publishing will receive compensated for services performed through the date of cancellation.

Termination by Writers House Publishing

Writers House Publishing may terminate this agreement, and publication of the Book with or without cause, for any reason and, upon written notice to Customer. In no event will Writers House Publishing be obligated to publish a book, including but not limited to those, which, in its opinion, violate the common law or statutory copyright, the right of privacy of any person, contain defamatory or obscene material, and promote hate, violence, or illegal activities. If Writers House Publishing terminates the agreement, Writers House Publishing will immediately refund all money paid by Customer for services not yet started. Writers House Publishing may also terminate this agreement if Customer owes Writers House Publishing past due and unpaid funds, after ten business days of receiving an invoice by mail or email.

Services Provided by the Publisher

Customer shall pay in advance a required down payment as part of a payment plan by cash, credit card, cashier check, or money order. (If Customer chooses to pay with a regular bank check, Customer acknowledges that services will not begin until said check clears Customer’s bank.) Customer acknowledges that all steps in the publishing process must be completed through the Customer’s account. If Customer fails to submit any materials, revisions, etc., the publishing process cannot proceed.

Manuscript Upload and Verification

Customer must upload his or her manuscript as set forth in this agreement. Some books contain a foreword, acknowledgments page, introduction, preface, and Author biography. All of these elements should be considered part of the manuscript itself and be submitted as such. If you wish to include one or more of these elements, but cannot supply them when the rest of the manuscript is submitted, additional layout fees may be incurred. If your book has been formatted and you decide to include one or more of these elements, there will be an added fee of $25.00 per hour to repaginate and reformat the layout.

Manuscript Submission and Formatting Guidelines

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically and as part of one file (e.g., all chapters of the book and any front matter must be part of a single file). You may submit your manuscript to us in the following format:
• Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)

Double Spacing Only

Your manuscript must be double spaced using plain text (Times New Roman 12pt is preferred).

Submission of Interior Images

All image files must be submitted separately, and may not be embedded in your manuscript. The files must be clearly labeled to correspond with tags in your manuscript. Please place tags in your manuscript to indicate where images should be placed. All images must be submitted to us as JPG, or PDF files and must be at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Images include graphs, pictures, photos, charts, etc. Writers House Publishing will not perform color-correction or other alterations to images unless explicitly instructed by the author.


Permissions may be required if you are using an image that you did not create if you are citing a work that is not from the public domain, or etc. It is your responsibility to decide whether or not permissions are required and to obtain permissions as soon as possible. Writers House Publishing is not responsible for any delays in the production process caused by outstanding permissions.

Front and Back Matter

Description of front and back matter terms:
Foreword: A foreword is optional, and written by a credible individual with background on your subject matter. The purpose is to help promote and sell the book.
Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments are optional and it is recognition of somebody’s help or work. It typically appears in the front matter or back matter of the book.
Author Biography: A one or two paragraph account of the author. A brief author bio can be included on your back cover, or the back matter of the book, but should be restricted to a few brief, informative sentences. An Author photo is optional.

Date of Publication / Timeline

The completed date of publication shall be approximately within 6 months from the signed contract date. Customer acknowledges that Writers House Publishing will make its best effort to comply with the timelines set forth in this agreement.

If Writers House Publishing finds the formatting timeline must be extended, due to extensive revisions requested by Customer or complex design elements, Writers House Publishing will notify Customer in writing by fax or Email with a new formatting deadline.

In no event will Writers House Publishing be responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, including delays caused by the Customer slow responds to Writers House publishing requests, as revising their manuscripts, making cover changes, or reviewing proofs.

Upon such delays, Customer acknowledges that Writers House Publishing reserves the right to extend the formatting timeline. Customer acknowledges that much of the publishing process timeframe and final publication date are dependent on Customer’s completion of the required steps in the publishing process.

Payment Plans and Refund Schedule - Publishing Packages

Writers House Publishing offers publishing packages starting at $2199.00 with a six-month payment plan. A non-refundable deposit equal to 1/6 of the payment is due to begin the process. The Customer will be billed the balance of five equal payments over the remaining five months.

Writers House Publishing also offers a three-month payment plan with a non-refundable deposit equal to 1/3 of the payment due to begin the process. The Customer will be billed the balance of two equal payments over the remaining two months.

Payment plans are used for the publishing package of the Customer’s initial order. Payment plans may not be used for add-ons or stand-alone services that Customer may later purchase.

Publishing Package Services

Upon the initial down payment by Customer, Writers House Publishing will begin the services set forth in the Publishing Agreement for the specific services purchased. Customer shall be invoiced no sooner than thirty (30) days following down payment. For example, if Customer places a down payment on August 15, they will be invoiced on September 15. For first and all subsequent invoices, payment shall be due no later than 10 days after receiving the invoice. If Customer fails to pay by invoice due date, the publishing process and all related service terminate and Customer’s account suspends until receipt of payment. Such interruption of the publishing process shall reset all time frames for services that are ongoing at the time of nonpayment. Once the Customer’s account is current, work can resume, however, services that are in process will have their deadlines reset. Customer acknowledges that account suspension may result in unforeseen delays in the publishing process and timeline depending on the length of the suspension. Customer shall be required to pay all overdue invoices to resume the publishing process. For example, if Customer has missed two monthly payments, both will need to be paid for Customer’s account to be current. Customer acknowledges that they will not be entitled to a refund of any kind, so long as Writers House Publishing is willing to provide the publishing and related services.

Final Payment

Customer acknowledges that final payment must be made prior to approval of the physical proof. If Customer has monthly installments remaining but has reached the physical proof stage of their publishing process, they will be required to pay the remaining balance in full before Writers House Publishing can continue with placing an order for the physical proof.

Interior Book Layout

If Customer has purchased book-editing services, Customer acknowledges the book editing process will be completed before beginning the Interior Book Layout. Customer acknowledges that if they request revisions to the interior layout at any point in the publishing process, text and/or images throughout the Customer’s Book may shift. It is Customer’s responsibility to review the entire file prior to approving. Writers House Publishing will not be held liable if Customer approves an interior where text images have shifted because of Customer-requested revisions. If Customer chooses not to purchase editorial services, it is the Customer’s responsibility to correct or edit needed changes to their manuscript. Customer acknowledges that once they or a third party edit the interior, Writers House Publishing will not be responsible for completing revisions to the interior.

Exterior Book Layout

Customer acknowledges that they must purchase a cover design. If Customer does not purchase the cover design service from Writers House Publishing, they must provide a press-ready cover. There is no credit for providing a press-ready cover. Customer acknowledges that Writers House Publishing will not consult with the Customer’s outside designer. Customer acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to ensure that his or her outside designer knows how to use appropriate design programs. Writers House Publishing will not provide Customer or Customer’s designer with instructions about the use of the design programs themselves.

ISBN Number

Writers House Publishing shall provide an ISBN number for the Customer’s book. The ISBN identifies the name and contact information of Writers House Publishing or one of its associated imprints. Should Customer or Writers House Publishing terminate this agreement, Customer must remove the Writers House Publishing ISBN from any future copies of the book that Customer publishes.

A customer may choose to purchase an ISBN on his or her own for the Customer’s Book. Customer acknowledges that, if they are providing the ISBN(s), this information must be communicated to Writers House Publishing.

Library of Congress- Copyrights

Writers House Publishing shall provide a physical proof copy of the Book for Customer’s review. Once Customer acknowledges receipt of and approves the proof, Customer may then print from a company of their own choosing.

Customer must provide one copy of the published, finished book to the Library of Congress. Writers House Publishing will provide Customer the mailing instructions via fax or email. Customer must print out the information and send to the Library of Congress, along with a finished copy of the Book (when Customer receives printed copies). Customer acknowledges that if Customer fails to send a printed copy to the Library of Congress, Writers House Publishing cannot be held responsible.

Listing of a book with third-party websites/databases

Customer acknowledges that the Writers House Publishing has no control over how long it will take the Customer’s Book to appear on any third-party website. Customer acknowledges that Writers House Publishing has no control over which portion of the Customer’s Book appears on any third-party website.